Our Price Promise



We will only ever charge what we think our produce is worth. For us it’s important to be open and honest and explain how we come up with our prices. Here are the 5 principles we use to assess the value of our produce:

1. Environmental impact

All of our animals have a role to play on the croft and we ensure that each one contributes positively to the health of our land and environment. We carefully plan grazing patterns, monitor impact and use our animals to improve the health of our soil.

2. Quality of produce

We measure the quality of our produce, first and foremost, by what it is made out of. Our hens and pigs are given organic certified feed, our cattle and sheep are grass fed and our bees forage in a wild landscape. We believe the natural goodness our animals consume can only make the best and healthiest quality produce


3. Labour and materials

As well as permanent infrastructure, we use a large amount of mobile infrastructure. This gives us flexibility to work with nature, respond to changing events and keep our animals on clean, fresh ground. We spend many hours planning, carrying out, and promoting our work but as yet we are not able to pay ourselves a wage. We hope to one day.

4. Market

We look at what other high nature value businesses charge for their meat to get a general market trend. We then compare their approach to our approach to find a suitable price.

5. Quality of life

We ask our animals to make the biggest sacrifice for us. Therefore, while they are here, we work hard to ensure they have everything they need and can express their natural behaviours. We always aim for low stress interactions and build a respectful working relationship.


So health of the environment + health of our animals x healthy produce = value

We know that our produce can cost more than in other places but we are aiming for the best – for our animals, our environment and our and your health. We want to be a model for other small farm business to show that high standards and honest customer engagement means nature friendly farming can pay for all.


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