100% Grass fed Jacob Hogget

Like our cattle, our Jacob Sheep are ‘100% grass fed’.

Sheep are ruminants. That means they are designed to eat grass, and other plants like herbs, wildflowers and tree leaves. We don’t want them to grow faster than they would naturally, so we avoid feeding them anything that they wouldn’t be able to forage for in the wild.

We are proud to be members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. They have lots of information on the health and environmental benefits of 100% grass fed livestock.

And what is hogget? Well it’s lamb over 1 year old, in our case roughly 14 months. We keep our Jacobs a little longer as they are a traditional breed which take more time to mature.

We are delighted to release our first batch of Lynbreck 100% pasture and tree fodder fed Jacob hogget.

Classic Box £77 *** SOLD OUT ***

- Rolled leg roast (approx. 1kg)

- Bone in leg rost (approx. 1.2kg)

- Diced (500g)

- Chops

- Cutlets

- Sausages

- Burgers

- Shanks

Taster Box £37  *** SOLD OUT ***

- Rolled leg roast (approx. 1kg)

- Diced (500g

- Chops

- Sausages

- Burgers


Please note all of our hogget is frozen to preserve ultimate freshness.


Sounds amazing, I want some – how do I order?
Fab. Send us an email to hello@lynbreckcroft.co.uk with what you’d like.

How do I pay?
When we’ve received your order, we will send you details on how to pay.

I’m hungry, how do I get it?
If you live nearby, that is Grantown, Tomintoul, Cromdale, Nethy Bridge, Dulnain Bridge areas,
delivery is FREE and we’ll arrange a drop off time that suits you. If you’re a little further afield, we
might have to add a bit on for fuel, but talk to us. If you are way far away, we only offer collection
and we’ll send you available collection times when we confirm your order.

Can you post me the goodies?
It’s a good question. As a policy, we try to sell all of our meat boxes to a local market. We don’t want
to step on the toes of other little producers by posting our meat boxes all over the UK so we try to
feed our community first and foremost. If we don’t manage to sell all of our meat boxes locally, we
may review this but it’s something we aspire to stick with.

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