100% Grass fed Highland Beef - available November 2019

We believe that our Highland Beef is the best money can buy.

Why? Well our cattle are ‘100% grass fed’ – that’s different to other cattle that are just ‘grass fed’ where only 51% of their diet must be grass, the rest can be grain concentrates.

Cattle are ruminants. That means they are designed to eat grass, and other plants like herbs, wildflowers and tree leaves. We don’t want them to grow faster than they would naturally, so we avoid feeding them anything that they wouldn’t be able to forage for in the wild.

We are proud to be members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. They have lots of information on the health and environmental benefits of 100% grass fed livestock.

But hey, why take our word for our beef being so good, check out some of the feedback we’ve had:

Just had the steak for dinner tonight and just lovely

Fantastic got my first box and had the burgers tonight. Just the best. Thank you girls

OMG your meat is bloody amazing….. Yummy Yummy Yummy!

The steak is amazing. It just melts in your mouth

Just been eating a pot roast of your brisket and it was absolutely sensationally delicious

We devoured the sausages last night (…) utterly scrumptious

Had one of your joints last Friday, it was yummy

The beef was exquisite

Best sirloin we’ve ever had! You did an amazing job!

We were very lucky to have the most amazing Beef for our Christmas lunch from Lynbreck
Croft. Thoroughly recommended


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